We are a Hong Kong based company and our workshop located in Dongguan province of China. We are providing a range of trophy, crystal trophies , badges / Pin (School badge, Tin badge, Die-struck Badge, Etching soft enamel badge, Pierced badge, Synthetic/Soft enamel badge, Printing Badge, 3D badge), Mobile phone decoration, Souvenir Coin, Keychain and Cufflink and hand belt with good quality and reasonable price. Moreover, we welcome consultation for products that beyond our displayed pictures. 

If you're unsure of anything, no problem. Just give us a call, and we'll walk you through everything!!
***方圓製作 - 生產及製作: 水晶獎座 和 襟章/徽章 (金屬襟章, 沖/衝壓襟章, 蝕刻襟章, 彩印襟章, 3D 襟章, 學校襟章(校章) 以及 馬口鐵襟章)***

製作各種襟章徽章badge/ Pins, 主要包括: 學校襟章(校章), 沖壓襟章, 蝕刻襟章, 彩印襟章, 3D襟章, 壓鑄襟章, 馬口鐵襟章. 

歡迎來圖訂製各種獨一無二的襟章, 襟章品質有保證,價格平.絕對是首選!